Digital Simplicity for the Maritime Industry

Redefining Crewing Operations

The maritime community faces many challenges effectively collecting, managing and ensuring the validity of seafarer’s data. This has become more difficult with increased data privacy legislation.

Ankaa is a unique platform that charts the most complete picture of your crew data in real time. Designed by a team of seafarers and technical experts, the system offers the sector a simple solution to these long-standing industry problems. 

With decades of history in both the Maritime Industry and Software development, the team behind Ankaa are uniquely placed to deliver a revolutionary approach.

Ankaa Marine redefines employee engagement, offers GDPR compliance and an analytical view of your crewing operations. Track candidates through the recruitment process with less paper, less admin and more quality connections with Ankaa Recruiter.

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Crewing Goes Digital

Our aim is to digitise the way crew data is managed, reduce manual processes, streamline operations and securely store all your crew data in one convenient location.

Live crew data can be viewed, updated and locked without the need to download software. Quickly view crew data, find next of kin, contact details, banking information and run reports at the touch of a button.



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