+ What Is Ankaa Marine? +

Ankaa Marine is a digital crew management platform designed to safely store, share and process crew data in real-time. For employers it can provide a unique platform that charts the most complete picture of your crew in real time, including crew movements, certification management, reports and analytics and offers GDPR compliance.

For crew, Ankaa Marine redefines employee engagement. Seafarers can connect with their company direct via the crew app using the individual and group messaging tool. They can update profile details on the go, including uploading new certification direct into the system and get alerts when certificates are due to expire. Find out more

+ What Is Ankaa Recruiter? +

Track candidates through the recruitment process with less paper, less admin and more quality connections with Ankaa Recruiter. Ankaa Recruiter will soon be available to marine industry employers wishing streamline the recruitment of seafarers in-house as well as crewing agencies. Find out more

+ Can I View A Demo? +

Yes. Please request a demo by contacting us with your name, company, contact details and indication of crew size. Click here to request a demo

+ I Am A Small Business; Can I Afford Ankaa? +

We have multiple options for businesses of different sizes. The system is designed to scale with you as you grow. Please contact us should you wish to obtain a quote and gain access to a demo of Ankaa Marine or Ankaa Recruiter.

+ How Much Does Ankaa Cost? +

Ankaa services are priced on the volume of seafarers. Our pricing system is therefore intended to be affordable to marine operators of all sizes. Please contact us should you wish to obtain a quote and gain access to a demo of Ankaa Marine or Ankaa Recruiter.

The technology is Microsoft SQL and can integrate with most modern crew management systems. It is designed to work as a standalone or complement existing systems.

+ Do I Need Lots Of Storage Space? +

No, Ankaa is a web portal that stores everything in the cloud. There is no need for downloaded software.

+ How Secure Is Ankaa? +

Using Amazon Cloud servers and the latest security encryption techniques Ankaa’s approach allows companies to gather and share personnel data internally and to 3rd parties with the highest levels of security. Available as a web portal and mobile app, Ankaa complies with data privacy regulations. Seafarers can update their data in a secure environment - reducing the need for manual data input by HR and Crew Management teams. Our servers core infrastructure is built to satisfy the security requirements for military, global banks, and other organisations who manage sensitive information.

+ Do I Need Access To The Internet? +

Yes, the system is cloud based and you require internet access to access the features. Mobile app users can access the system using mobile internet or wifi.

+ Can I Buy Ankaa Marine On Its Own? +

Yes, Ankaa Marine can operate on its own to help you manage your fleet and crew efficiently.

Ankaa Recruiter is designed to be the platform for posting and managing vacant positions as an agency or as an owner/operator. This also includes the ability to short list and propose personnel for possible roles. There is no onboarding or crew management features in Ankaa Recruiter and works as a traditional recruitment database for industry specific niche. Ankaa Recruiter can be purchased on its own or as a module as part of Ankaa Marine.

+ Is There A Payroll Function? +

No, the system assists in pulling together payroll from activities but is not a payroll system as every jurisdiction is different.

+ Can I Allocate Multiple Access Rights? +

Yes, with flexible tiers of access for each department and a built-in communications service, it will revolutionise the way you manage crew. Employers can tailor departments in line with corporate structures, for example Captain, HR, Crewing Department, Payroll, Seafarer. Crew ‘self service’ functionality ensures your crew are in control of their data, but with the ability for the employer to ‘lock’ data once verified.

+ Is Ankaa Only Available For The Marine Industry? +

No. Our systems were initially designed with seafarers in mind but can be easily be adapted to suit the other industries where certification management is paramount, such as the Renewables, Oil, Aviation and Construction sectors to name a few.

+ What Else Will Ankaa Offer? +

Our teams are constantly working on new features and product developments. Ankaa will soon introduce:

  • Employee contract management with eco sign function
  • A timesheet management tool with automated features
  • Employer functionality to provide visibility of employee credentials allowing informed and substantive employment decisions
  • Peer to peer and company to client work flows ensuring data is kept within system and audit trail available
  • New features soon to be available on the employee app will include mobile enabled expense claims and job listings

+ What Is My Company URL To Log In? +

For crew, your company URL will be as follows (add your own company name where it is displayed below):


For HR/Captain/Employers, your company URL will be as follows (add your own company name where it is displayed below):


+ I’ve Forgotten My Ankaa Marine Password! +

Go to your company URL page and click on the ‘Forgot password?’ link. Your new password must be at least 8 characters long and must include one of each special character below:

  • 1 uppercase letter (A, B, C…)
  • 1 alphanumeric character (1, 2, 3...)
  • 1 special character `{|}~) =(!”#$%&’()*+,-./:;<>?@[]^_

Our password policy is robust as part of our commitment to keeping your personal data as secure as possible.

+ Why Can’t I Access The Ankaa Marine Mobile App? +

In order to access your company’s crew app, you must first accept the privacy policy on the website portal which you can login through a desktop or laptop.

Our Ankaa systems are constantly evolving with new updates being made to improve user experiences. You will soon be able to accept the privacy policy direct on the mobile app, and we will update this FAQ advice when this new update has been implemented.

+ How Do I Create My Crew Profile On Ankaa Marine? +

Please follow our quick start guide to get your profile set up. The quick start guide provides details about how to login, set up your password, areas to complete and what common symbols mean.

+ How Can I View Sea-Time Analytics? +

Individual crew members can get sea-time analytics (e.g. time in rank, time in company, time on vessel) by completing a full profile including detailed assignment history. Our Ankaa system will automatically update your sea-time analytics each time you post a new assignment.

+ I Need Help – Who Do I Contact? +

Your crew managers will be able to help guide you through the system. However, if you need any technical help please contact support@ankaa.com

You can also Follow our Facebook page for hints and tips on getting the most out of your digital profile.

+ I Have Feedback – Who Should I Contact? +

Please email any feedback or suggestions to marketing@ankaa.com